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Founder of the Pavol Tuchyňa, Tuchyňa – Výťahy company

In 1990, on the basis of the long-time experience in the field of the lifting technology, Mr Pavol Tuchyňa decided to establish a company providing services in this segment. In years 1995 – 1996, the company started the manufacture in the production premises of the Technical University in Košice. The manufacture covered also cabin operating panels and landing operating panels for lifts with the above-standard equipment, as well as standard passenger and freight lifts.

Our progress

Today the company owns its own know-how on the global level that differentiates the products manufactured by the Pavol Tuchyňa, Tuchyňa – Výťahy company from the products manufactured by other companies. The Pavol Tuchyňa, Tuchyňa-Výťahy company is the leader on the market of lifts and lifting technology, operating in the Central Europe region.

Our effort is for lifts bo become the art

In the course of years when lifting equipments were developing, the view on the products supplied by the Pavol Tuchyňa, Tuchyňa-Výťahy company has changed. The company’s effort is focused on the objective to achieve that lifting equipments located in various buildings become important architectonic elements and not only technical devices for transport of people. Therefore, we give our products a “personality”, a “soul”.

We create a new way

We are very proud that our company creates a new aspect of viewing the lifting equipments, and by a constant search for new opportunities we try to implement new directions for these products with higher interactivity. We want our products to become pieces of art. ....
More and more clients are proud to contribute to our company’s creativity, or just to be the owner of a product we designed so that it is not just a standard means of vertical transport of people or gods. We want our clients to engage in building our world and contribute with some of their ideas to our products.

What our commitment and our ambitions are?

For decades our company establishes itself on the market covered by supranational companies, especially by applying a different strategy of development and sale of lifts and lifting equipments. We are committed to become established in the segment, with the emphasis being put on custom-made solutions, individuality, innovation, and quality of our products.
Our company also offers individual approach to our customers with the utmost emphasis put on the most appropriate technical and design solution for a specific project.
The Pavol Tuchyňa, Tuchyňa – Výťahy company was established as a family business and we are committed to create the most pleasant possible working environment for the company employees. Another company’s ambition is to expand to other markets in the segment of middle and higher classes. We have developed the TCH brand for the luxury class of lifts and lifting equipments which are focused mainly on export markets.

In what way we are different?

With regard to the fact that our company is not a “line-production” type of manufacturer, each change of our product is implemented in a short period of time and new technical and design features are constantly being improved. Our clients are mostly progressive companies that regard lifts as something more than just a technology for transport of passengers or goods.
Our principle, implemented in the company by the founder, Mr Pavol Tuchyňa, is to sell our products in compliance with our minimum standards. It means that even in case that our competitor offers products on a lower moral or quality level, which brings them a better chance of selling them to the client who only considers the price, our company offers the product which must comply with the company’s minimum standards.

Pavol Tuchyňa, TUCHYŇA - VÝŤAHY
registered office : Letná 27, 040 01 Košice, Slovakia
owner : Pavol Tuchyňa
phone number : 00421-55-632 33 98
fax : 00421-55-632 33 83
ADVANTAGES OF THE PRODUCTS WE OFFER: modern control concept,
complex anti-vandal version,
variability of solutions and above-the-standard design,
low prices of units and individual components!