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Manufacture and logistics


The Pavol Tuchyňa, TUCHYŇA - VÝŤAHY Company is the manufacturer of complex lifting equipments. The manufacture includes all the respective components. The company also participates in development and manufacture of components delivered by our partners, which ensures the maximum possible level of quality control and thus enables our own innovative and individual solutions.

Manufacture processes are ensured by the CNC, controlled manufacturing machines, and the manufacture data are entered directly by the construction department, which reduces manufacture processes duration. Parts base for the supplied complete equipments consists of the most advanced parts and components available on the world markets, whereas some of the components are only developed and manufactured as a part of the complete supplies by the Pavol Tuchyňa, TUCHYŇA – VÝŤAHY company. Some of the manufacture processes and products developed and implemented by the company are becoming the top class in the lift industry branch, which represents a great success for the company.

Shipping and logistics

Shipping and logistics department, in cooperation with the sister company SLOV-IMEX, s.r.o., Import - Export, ensures transportation of products in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic, as well as deliveries for our partners all over the world.

Logistics is provided by the company’s vehicles or in cooperation with contractual partners to all the destinations all over the world.

Delivery of spare parts depends on a customer’s request and is carried out via standard carrier service or express transport.


Pavol Tuchyňa, TUCHYŇA - VÝŤAHY
registered office : Letná 27, 040 01 Košice, Slovakia
owner : Pavol Tuchyňa
phone number : 00421-55-632 33 98
fax : 00421-55-632 33 83
ADVANTAGES OF THE PRODUCTS WE OFFER: modern control concept,
complex anti-vandal version,
variability of solutions and above-the-standard design,
low prices of units and individual components!