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Service department represents an integral part of the Pavol Tuchyňa, Tuchyňa – Výťahy company, and it represents a precondition for maintaining the quality of lifting equipments manufactured by our company or by other manufacturers.

We carry out servicing for lifts all over Slovakia and the Czech Republic by the means of our own departments in Košice, Ružomberok, Bratislava, Prague, and by the means of our contractual partners in all countries where our products are delivered.

Our company provides servicing in the most important buildings, such as banks, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, hospitals, production factories, residential houses, as well as military buildings, etc.

Servicing includes performance of regular expert inspections, controls, and repairs of lifts and their parts, to ensure prevention against frequent failures. In case you wish to conclude a servicing contract regarding your lifts, our service department head is available for discussing the details. The role of the service department is to provide prevention maintenance, regular expert inspections, controls, and repairs of lifts and their parts in the shortest possible period of time. 

Frequency of the servicing visits depends on the type, age, and operational load of the equipment.

Great emphasis is put on lift servicing especially in case of older lifts that do not comply with new applicable standards EN 81-1, 2 and are of a lower safety level.

Lift servicing is provided 24/7, 365 days in a year.

Service department standardly offers non-stop monitoring of new lifts, which means that a serviced lift is connected to the service centre via the Internet, the lift operation and all its functions are monitored, and in case of failure the error is identified.

Pavol Tuchyňa, TUCHYŇA - VÝŤAHY
registered office : Letná 27, 040 01 Košice, Slovakia
owner : Pavol Tuchyňa
phone number : 00421-55-632 33 98
fax : 00421-55-632 33 83
ADVANTAGES OF THE PRODUCTS WE OFFER: modern control concept,
complex anti-vandal version,
variability of solutions and above-the-standard design,
low prices of units and individual components!