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Escalators by Tuchyňa - Výťahy are used mainly in shopping centres, at airports, and in subways. These equipments are manufactured in cooperation with our global partner the BLT Company. These products are located for example at the Heathrow Airport in London. Escalators are used above all for large-capacity transport of persons and provide an ideal solution for buildings with frequent traffic. All the escalators and travelators supplied by the Tuchyňa - Výťahy Company comply with the applicable European standard EN - 115 These products are characteristic for the top-class materials and modern technology used for their manufacture, as well as design innovation.

Escalators are standardly delivered with the ECO – MODE system and the frequency regulation (VVVF) that reduces energy demands of the escalator machine and, at the same time, it enables smooth escalator start or landing run. The ECO - MODE reduces the energy demands of the equipment operation. It is a sensor detecting movement of passengers, and in case no person is being transported on the escalator for a specified period of time, the escalator stops. When the light barrier detects a person approaching the escalator, the equipment starts moving again.


Just like escalators, travelators are used in buildings or outside the buildings for transport of large number of people. Travelators can have the 0° angle of inclination to be used especially at airports, or the maximum angle of inclination of 12°.

1. Handrails 2. Handrail support 3. Balustrade 4. Kick plate
5. Light signalling 6. Stairs 7. Safety comb 8. Bottom landing platform
Standard safety components
  • emergency stop (in emergency push the STOP button),
  • protection against overloading (in overloading the power supply is stopped and the escalator stops),
  • protection against failure or improper connection of the voltage phase (in case of voltage phase failure or improper connection of the voltage phase, the escalator stops),
  • electromagnetic brake (ensures adequate stopping distance for safety of passengers when the escalator is stopping),
  • landing platform safety system (escalator stops if something gets stuck between the landing platform and the step),
  • unintentional change of travel direction (escalator stops in case of unintentional change of travel direction),
  • speed governor (in case of sudden acceleration of the travel speed, the escalator stops),
  • main drive chain protection (in case of excessive load or damage of the chain, the escalator stops),
  • stairs safety system (in case of any damage of a stair, the escalator stops),
  • yellow safety line on a stair (the line indicating safe area on a stair),
  • kick plate safety system (if something gets stuck between the kick plate and a stair, the escalator stops),
  • handrail safety system (if something gets stuck in the handrail, the escalator stops),
  • step chain safety system (in excessive load or damage of the chain, the safety system stops the escalator’s operation).
Optional safety components
  • handrail speed monitoring (if the handrail stops or moves slower than required, the escalator stops)
  • additional brake (in case of failure of the main drive chain during 120% escalator travel, this brake is activated and stops the escalator)
  • monitoring of the number of stairs (in case of a lost stair, it ensures that the escalator stops before it gets to the landing platform)

Additional equipment

  • Balustrade lights (LED), fire protection system
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ADVANTAGES OF THE PRODUCTS WE OFFER: modern control concept,
complex anti-vandal version,
variability of solutions and above-the-standard design,
low prices of units and individual components!