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Assembly department represents a very important part of the company, as it significantly contributes to the overall quality of operational properties of the delivered equipments.

Company’s qualified teams of professional assembly workers ensure the maximum possible quality of execution of assembly works in compliance with the company’s regulations.

Assembly works on all company’s own equipments, as well as equipments by other manufacturers, are carried out in compliance with all the requirements of applicable standards and manufacturer’s regulations. 

Pavol Tuchyňa, TUCHYŇA - VÝŤAHY
registered office : Letná 27, 040 01 Košice, Slovakia
owner : Pavol Tuchyňa
phone number : 00421-55-632 33 98
fax : 00421-55-632 33 83
ADVANTAGES OF THE PRODUCTS WE OFFER: modern control concept,
complex anti-vandal version,
variability of solutions and above-the-standard design,
low prices of units and individual components!